Based in the heart of the garden route in Albertinia and less than 4 hours drive from Cape Town, this is a wildlife dream close to Cape Town. It has beautiful views of the big 5 and the Langeberg mountain range. With it being in a malaria free area, it opens its doors to many people who don’t want to take pills as a precaution that can cause many side effects for some people.

With South Africa being proud about our diversity of nature and wildlife, Garden Route Game lodge is one of many places, but what makes it different to all the rest?  The elephants and lions are separated from the rest of the game, however they are still in very large areas and as natural as possible, and all for good reasons, especially on small game parks where more care and management need to be considered.

This game lodge has so much to offer, I have never stayed here as it never quite fit in my budget, hopefully one day I’ll have that opportunity and write about it, nevertheless I have had the opportunity to do a few game drives and I have always been impressed being able to see so much, with great information and many amazing sightings. One sighting was a family group of cheetahs, where the sub adult cubs decided to go for a wander down to the river and mum was forced to follow, the cubs came across blue cranes nesting. The blue crane tried to distract the cheetahs with loud calls and fake wing injuries, this didn’t work and the eggs were soon found and enjoyed by the cubs. This was sad to see, on the other hand it’s the circle of life and amazing to witness.

The cheetahs that are on this game park are part of an important breeding program to help with their poor genetic pool, where they lead a natural life in the main section of the park with larger animals like hippos, white rhino, giraffe and other plains game. This is one happy story for the cheetah with her successful cubs becoming independent and ready for their futures ahead.

Other than wildlife, they have many other facilities and activities that are perfect for couples, and families including spa, luxury rooms, swimming pool, bar and lounging areas. Some unusual activities offered here include reptile encounters, kids’ safaris and the usual game drives and walks.

So far it is one of my top choices of game drives in the Western Cape with a wide variety too see and I enjoy going the extra mile to get here, often staying overnight at Zoutpan and the elephant experience at Indalu game reserve if there is extra time available.

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