If your interested in exploring South Africa but not sure where to start feel free to contact me, I can give you helpful tips or even plan it for you.

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Nature at its best

What a pleasure to have done a few trips with you.

Your impeccable knowledge and experience of animals and nature astounds me.

The choice of places have been so memorable and left so much to talk about.

I will never forget the discussions, laughs and fun we all had.

I cannot wait to do another trip with you and thank you so much for the awesome experience and memories.

Harry De Villiers

Memorable travels

I have had the great pleasure of doing numerous of these travel routes with you. All of which have been full of interesting sights adventures and amazing photographic opportunities. Your attention to what my interests are and what I would enjoy seeing and doing has made each trip very memorable and unique. Thank you for all the thought and attention to detail that you put into each trip

Jill Dennis

Kruger National Park and Panoramic Route

I had one of the most incredible, eye opening trips I have ever had.

We had the opportunity to attend Game drives where we saw hyena with there new born pups, lions and even a leopard and plenty more amazing animals in their natural habitat.

I had the great privilege to join in a big 5 Bush walk with the rangers who gave us tips into their daily lives by showing us how they identify animals just by looking at their tracks and even dung.

Also had the privilege to visit the neighbouring areas, that included a few walks to waterfalls and a few interesting sites like echo caves and Bourke’s luck potholes and so many more

Thank you Tammy Dennis

Dexter Lennon

Trip to Namibia

All the recommendations were spot on, especially the ones regarding what places to visit. Great helping make an itinerary given the small amount of time we had.

Jamie, Spain