Hungry to see more whales I did some more research, finding out Olafsvik offers great orca and sperm whale sightings, I couldn’t resist. Setting off very early in the morning (yet a little late) driving 430km only to find out when I arrived, this trip has no main desk, and I struggled to book online. Therefore, I watched the boat sail away. Being positive and trying to avoid feeling overwhelmingly disappointed, tomorrow I had some spare time to do it and it should be sunny. With plenty of time on my hand I decided to explore the nearby sights as my accommodation at The Freezer hostel was around the corner.

Mt. Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss, previously nicknamed Sukkertoppen or in English, Sugar Top as the Danish sailors called it due to the similarity in the sugar packages that were being imported. There were picturesque waterfall with one of Iceland’s most beautiful mountains and one of the steepest.

Giant padlock, one of the more stranger stops I have done, a random gate with a big padlock that seems to attract a lot of attention for a gate, quite funny.

Baerjafoss, a small but nice waterfall on the roadside with a stream. Not very busy like most the other places.

Svodufoss, this has a great walk like most of the waterfalls, but also very accessible for people who struggle to walk, with a very nice seating area to watch the view and Snaefell mountain as the backdrop.

Skardsvik beach, this a small but rather different beach. Most of Iceland is surrounded by harsh larva rock, whilst this beach is filled with soft golden sand.

After travelling many kilometres (510km) with a very changed day it ended up being very pleasant with the weather being very misty and over cast, however after I checked in at the Freezer hostel, I took a short drive around the corner where I spotted arctic terns that I enjoyed photographing. The Freezer hostel was very cultural and vibrant, compromising a little on the facilities compared to the others.

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