Today was a relax and watch whale’s day with a planned trip with Arctic sea tours in Dalvik. I went a little further north as I was early and was in the mood for a bit more scenery and everything in the small town of Dalvik was closed. I found a good lookout spot and watched the sea. Very far out in the distance I could just see a few whales, which is nothing like Hermanus but still wonderful to enjoy.

Arctic sea tours, I was surprised to find out there were only 3 of us on the trip and were offered the speed boat, we all took up the offer and didn’t regret it. Zooting across the bay we came across a harbour porpoise, it was a little shy and only showed itself twice and disappeared. When we came across the whales a whole new side of them was shown as they were feeding much deeper than the tour before, therefore no mouths but many tails. This required a little more patience and you have to wait for them to resurface not sure where they would present themselves next. Once we arrived back on shore, we had delicious barbequed cod fillets caught straight from the sea, reminding me of fishing days back home.

An easy relaxed day heading back to Akureyri backpackers, I realised that they have the best traffic lights I have ever seen. Back home in Stellenbosch students often draw smiley faces on some traffic lights, in Akureyri red traffic lights are in the shape of a heart, this put a smile on my face.

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