Being away from home you might miss all your home comforts, we try our best by finding useful items that help us on our journeys.

When travelling light you can’t take everything you want, you need to start thinking of ways to take what you need whilst taking up as little space or weight as possible. Travel accessories have come a long way, with so many little things to help you with your home comforts it’s easy to travel in style.

One item I find particularly awkward is a towel, something you can’t leave behind and something that ends up taking the bulk of the luggage. Even worse is travelling with a damp towel if there wasn’t adequate drying time or the right weather for it.

A solution to this is micro-fibre towels, I have bought a few online, and there seems to be many different takes on this item. One towel I received womans bath towel was lighter, less bulky and quick drying compared to a normal towel, though a little to small even in the larger size making it a little difficult to actually wear it as designed. I also found the material wasn’t very absorbent and quite clingy to rougher parts of the skin and nails.

Another micro-fibre towel I tried was even more light weight, extremely compact fitting into a very small cube and a good size, the material was very soft and comfortable. Though not as fast drying as the first towel mentioned it was very absorbent.

Recently I have just bought a new towel, dock & bay, a great towel, though do not go for the XL size unless you are very large or fancy a big towel. It is great quality, super absorbent and quick drying. So far, I am just testing it at home, but I am looking forward to using it on my next trip.

If you are a traveller, it is very wise to invest in a towel that is ready to explore with you without hassles of a losing all your luggage space and being damp all the time, which is still comfortable and a little like home.

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