Kuzuko lodge is part of the Greater Addo National park, they are not joined with the main camp of Addo Elephant National park and different in a lot of ways. This 5-star lodge is placed in a beautiful spot, right on top of a high hill, where you are able to sit on the decks and enjoy a phenomenal view.

The main Addo is more renowned area where you are able to self-drive from morning till evening but if you would prefer, there are guided game drives available at an extra cost at specific times of the day. Kuzuko has a different approach, here all the game drives are done with a professional guide who knows the roads and areas well. Depending on your package there are game drives available in the morning and the evening, along with many other activities throughout the day including cheetah walks, cave painting walks, junior guide activities and spa treatments.

The morning and evening game drives are splendid, there is nothing quite like being able to watch a sunrise and a sunset from a viewpoint, enjoying it with a hot drink and biscuits in the morning or a refreshing cold drink and snacks in the evening.

The area is part of the Karoo, making for a fascinating biome. Most people have no interest in plants, but once a guide start pointing out a few interesting facts about the plants in the area it can become quite captivating. One plant of interest is spekboom, there are many names in English some being porkbush, elephant bush and jade plant. This plant is drought resistant, nutritious to all species that eat plants and fantastic at changing polluted air into Oxygen.  Wildlife wise there are many elephants, kudu, black wildebeest, steenbok, buffalo, red hartebeest and many other species of mammals, as well as lions and cheetahs on the predator front. I have on many occasions had the privilege to see springhares, aardwolf, aardvark and genets, all of which are more elusive creatures.

Cheetah walk experience is something special, tracking down the cheetahs by following tracks signs and seeing how a telemetry works is rather fascinating, where you drive as far as you can, often seeing other things along the way and walking on foot the last bit to these majestic creatures. They are all wild animals and can never be guaranteed, never take for granted the experience no matter what though. On a few game walks I have not seen any, other times we spend an hour watching them feed on a carcass, socialising with each other or following them and watching them scent mark and squabbling. Truly an incredible activity being able to see something in its true environment on their level.

The junior guide activity is fantastic to get a little peace and quiet, maybe even treat yourself to a massage in the spa to relax while the children are being taught about bugs, artefacts, birds and plants. Having loads of fun with their activity bag full of mini guide survival items, snacks and drawing set to record their findings.

The nature and cave walk will take you on a lovely hike into the stony ridges where you can find paintings of elephants, eland, hands and other works of art. The Khoisan paintings date back 400 years, being able to experience their surroundings where they used to roam and the caves they used to dwell.

There is a telescope for when the night sky takes over and millions and billions of stars start to reveal themselves, you can take a closer look and some stars, nebulas, moons and planets depending on the time of the year, though the milky way is easily found and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Most people come to national parks for the wildlife, but the rooms are great and private decks facing your wild garden. The food is incredible with main options available, as well as more authentic traditional dishes that would be prepared in homes of ordinary people (with a professional touch).

It was a great 5 years I spent in this area, with so many highlights and trips out to the local places, please get in touch if you would like to know a little more about this area, if you are planning a trip.


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