Thingvellir National Park, I stumbled upon the more commercial side of the park, which did put me off a little to start, walking around the main walks at the entrance. I enjoyed driving through it more and saw there was plenty of opportunity to pull over in free parking areas and take other walks which suited Iceland a lot more. Next time I visit ill do this instead.

Gullfoss, more of Iceland’s many spectacular waterfalls, this one was lucky enough to be called friend. The landowner said when Englishmen where buying land and were interested in buying Gullfoss, he said I would never sell my friend.

Geyser, incredible, it is natures work of science, art and beauty watching boiling water exploding from the ground high into the sky. Patience is needed and some are more spectacular than others but all in all it’s a magnificent experience.

I travelled 300km to the Bus hostel which was simple and made for the busy city, loads of beds in one room, airport transfers available and very helpful reception staff.

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