Today it was all about putting those walking shoes on and exploring some waterfalls. It may sound a bit repetitive visiting more than 5 waterfalls, as how interesting could it be watching water falling on every occasion, I would have agreed before but each one had something totally different to offer and all were jaw droppingly beautiful. 

I was hoping for sunny weather, I later realised the bright, yet highly overcast sky was perfect weather for taking photos. If I lived in Iceland I would have appreciated taking photos in sun, when I could time the shadows, as I found later if the sun is not on your side the waterfalls are not easy to photograph. When the side cliffs cast a shadow on the falling water, especially travelling over a lengthy time period I was most grateful the light was kept consistent with no shadows. 

Urridafoss, though it isn’t a great fall and more a rough set of water rapids, it is magnificent to see tons of water passing by every second. 

Seljalandsfoss, this is a must see. Be prepared to get a little wet from the mist/ spray that’s released, this goes for Gljufrabui waterfall as well. To be able to walk under a giant waterfall with 360° views gave a new perspective to the majestic power water has. 

Gljufrabui waterfall, when you think things can’t get better and you struggle to see the next waterfall as you approach, I became quite excited again after finding out it’s in a cave! Water flows from a bright hole into the cave, you need to enter on stepping stones through a small stream, it feels like your in a fantasy adventure!

Skogafoss, is everything a waterfall should be by definition on a very large scale. It is often said to have a common rainbow that is in front of the waterfall on sunny days. 


Dyrholaey lighthouse I had to give a miss, as the road was quite rough and quite wet from the heavy rains. 

Reynisfjara beach – Halsanefshellir cave – Reynisdranger cliffs, big warning signs stating this is one of the most dangerous beaches. Bad currents, freak waves and a cave you can get stuck in. With an already aery feel, surrounded by black cliffs, black sand and low lying thick mist, it all gave an incredible atmosphere. I got the fright of my life when it was low tide, and plenty of space between sea and cliff, I took a walk into the cave around the corner and a small freak wave happened and for a moment 5 others and I were trapped in this small cave with only water surrounding us, as soon as the water retreated I ran straight out, I don’t think this is an uncommon occurrence and happens regularly. What a wake-up call to how quickly things can change. 

Driving didn’t take up much of today with only 165km, most my time was spent hiking and walking along some of the most amazing waterfalls. I Stayed the night at The barn, it was a warm welcoming hostel with very comfortable beds, spacious and clean bathrooms and well fitted kitchen. The Barn seems like it may be an old renovated place, but it was very up to date with a steam-barn vibe.


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