Today photography is done by almost everyone, even the most basic cellular phones can now take a half decent photograph, I am sure 200 years ago this might have seemed an impossible thought to most.

In 1830’s the first still picture was taken, known today as a photograph. It was a very complex system and knowledge was needed before even attempting to take one, it was not just artistic fun but rather a science. Cameras were first made possible with a combination of metal types and some chemicals mixed together to cause a reaction when exposed to light through the camera lens. This meant that every photograph counted, as it took time preparing and used expensive materials.

It is amazing how far photography has come over the years, today we could take 100’s and 1000’s of photos to choose the perfect one, and we don’t think twice about this huge accomplishment. Even difficult terrains that were once impossible to capture are covered, like taking photos underwater or the air.

I am currently using Apeman action camera (4K, 20MP, waterproof to 40M) for a new perspective, I was recommended it by a good friend, I started playing around with it, and though I haven’t yet used it to even near its full potential, I am really fascinated by it and use it when I can. It has many functions from the normal camera and video modes to the more specialised types like panoramic photos, auto movement, time lapse and more. Though I am used to high quality DSLR and it does not compare to its functions it is still a very good camera and very affordable.

The camera comes with many accessories; 2 x batteries, fittings and stand. I was very happy to find that it has a universal fit and there were many adaptor options and even fits the more famous GoPro’s accessories. I got the SmilePowo accessory kits; his is a huge selection from chest, wrist and head harness, sicker adaptors, selfie stick and floating adaptors. Though keep in mind it does not come with a memory card , to charge this camera a normal micro USB cable can be used or if preferred there is a charging port and spare batteries available too.

One very interesting adaptor is a sort of drone, it’s called the bug 3 and is the main reason why I was happy choosing this camera.  I’m very interested in taking photos and happy to dabble in many variations but I did not want to go and spend all my savings on a hobby and when I found out not only can it be done with a standard camera, a camera that fits into an underwater casing but can also fit on a drone for some aerial photos, it was then I decided I must give it a go and I have not been disappointed.

I am still getting used to flying the drone, but my brother is a natural and can do all sorts of wonderful tricks. I can tell you that the drone is rather robust, with me ‘testing’ it many times. Charging takes around 3 hours and there is around 15 minutes flying time, though you can get spare batteries if you need more flying time.

Although I have only taken a few photos with this camera, I find I need to alter my approach to photography as it brings many new opportunities requiring its own rules and guidelines, but I am having a lot of fun figuring out those rules in the meantime!

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