Driving around South Africa is very rewarding, we do not have the big wild animals roaming the streets, and we do have tar roads and we have robots instead of traffic lights. The country is vast, you can drive and keep on driving with no problem, it sometimes seems endless.

I find the roads compared to Europe are much more spacious and wider too, you can often see so far ahead too and feel as if you own the road, if you had to break down or saw something you really want to see closely there is more often than not plenty of space to pull over and take your time without feeling you’re in the way of the traffic, which makes a big difference when you’re on the scenic route and enjoying the day.

Taking a drive without a specific direction is very adventurous, there are so many places to stop, like farm stalls along the road where you can pick up padkos (directly translated means road food). This usually consists of biltong (dried meat), dried fruit and nuts, biscuits, sandwiches and ice-cold drinks. There are also many quirky restaurants to stop and see along the way and enjoy an ice-cream while taking a wonder around, usually there are many activities too from markets, live music, walks and local museums.

Most often finding yourself at the beach front, relaxed and sipping on cocktails watching the sunset. It might sound too simple, but just driving the roads of South Africa is its own enjoyable and relaxing activity worth throwing a spare day at.

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