Stellenbosch is a lovely Dutch town 45 minutes East from Cape Town, it’s known for its university and its wine, but there is a lot more than just these. The town has a strong Dutch influence, making the buildings stand out with striking white walls and thatched roofs.

The town is filled with old oak trees, they were first planted when the first settlers arrived 1670 -80’s, not native from South Africa they were  imported to provide wood for building ships and wine barrels. Later it was found that the trees grew too fast and ended up being too porous to use, now they are iconic to this town, but if you are not careful and park your car or take a stroll under these trees in the wrong time of your, you get to hear a few acorns drop onto car bonnets or the odd one that may land on your head.

The town has many unique cafés, restaurants and delis that are filled with great food and plenty of wine! The region is filled with many vineyards, each with their own story, and ranging from new wine enthusiasts to ones that provide famous wines all over the world. In the spring and summer many wine farms get together and shut down whole streets, hosting wine tasting and live music, creating an amazing atmosphere.

There are endless things to do in Stellenbosch from small art galleries, souvenir shops, museums, different tastings, animal parks, horse riding, golf course, mountainous walks and many more.

I am very privileged to have grown up there, got to experience and be apart of this town.




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