South Africa, a country with so much wonder ranging from city life, wildlife and sunny coasts. Being so large that local airlines help you get from one side to the other, one being Mango airline. I find this a rather unusual name for an airline, a bright orange plane flying over but nope, this has nothing to do with 100. 

Mangoes the fruit originate from India, but they have been very successful growing in South Africa and known as a juicy tropical fruit for those hot sunny days. Mango trees are very resilient, able to grow in very wet and hot areas with high humidity. Making the North East of South Africa perfect, in 2010, plantations started to boom for local use and major exporting with Limpopo province being the top producer of mangoes, Mpumalanga province coming in second and KwaZulu-Natal third.   

I was quite excited to find a wonderful fact about mangoes for the 100th article being published but we hit a bit of a wall. We have spent much time trying to figure it out, however we have hit a blank and can’t seem to understand what it’s really trying to say, I have decided to put this out to the public to help us figure out what it means and throw around some ideas:  A measurement system in 1982 was standardised in Bangladesh, equating a hundred mangoes to 112, and in Dinjpur a hundred betel leaves to 64.

This is the 100th article that TravelUp has released over the last 15 months, with many followers and supporters, thank you for all your support and feel free to send topics you would like to see in the future.

Some more unusual mango facts, nutrition wise, even while green and unripe they are high in vitamins, especially vitamin C in particular, all of which increase as the fruit ripens. Flowers often have colours that symbolise different gestures with colour playing a large role. Lilies for example, white lilies symbolise purity and innocence, yellow symbolising good health and happiness and red, as many red flowers symbolise love and passion. Mangoes have an important role in symbolising meaning to one another, giving a gift basket of mangoes is a sign of strong friendship, whilst the tree itself is a symbol of love with a cultural belief it can even grant wishes and the leaves are used a wedding to ensure newly wed couple bear many children. 

It is incredible that we often see this common fruit in our fruit bowl, or that delicious juice on the menu, who knew all these strange things came from a common but yet very exotic delicious fruit, something to mull over next time you enjoy one of these tasty fruits and who knows what mangoes and 100 have in common, looking forward to your thoughts on this. 

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