Ever gone on a trip and scratch threw your bags and just upsets your whole suitcase and makes everything a mess, well recently I have discovered packing cubes.

Packing cubes are material squares with a zip, handle and ra nging from small to large sizes. They can come in all sorts of different colours, styles and sometimes even specialised shapes for more particular items. This could be particularly helpful having first aid in red cube; shower could be blue cube and so on.

I found they are more particularly helpful in a backpack styled travel bag, as most items need to be placed on top of each other, therefore the squares can all contain a particular type of clothing therefore you still unpack the whole bag, but without destroying any of the orders or the neatness. Suitcase style bags can still be a bit easier to pack without packing cubes, but are still very helpful.

Even when the travels are over, the cubes are very light and can be stored away without taking almost any space at all or could store you travel equipment. If not they are still very useful items to use around the house, being able to put things that are not needed in more remote cupboard space or under the bed. They are very neat looking and could be stowed away in many locations.

Great accessory to make any traveller a happy traveller, saving time and patience for the real adventures.

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