A tranquil and quiet place where all you have to enjoy are crashing waves on the rocks and walks in the forests.

Tucked away 30 minutes’ drive from the main highway, placed in the Tsitsikamma National Park, there is Storms river rest camp. The facilities are very basic having a small shop with a few items including fresh fruit and vegetables, food for a braai, drinks and curios. There is also a restaurant where delicious meals can be ordered I would recommend the fish and chips, the steak is also great.

Accommodation wise there is a good selection, ranging from family log cabins, caravanning and camping. The log cabins all have an amazing view of the crashing ocean on the rocks, very often two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and lounge with a balcony to enjoy the view. Caravanning sites are neatly set up with often paved parts and electricity, however some sites are on the water’s edge while others are behind them with a more restricting view, though camping is similar with only some sites having electricity.

In the evening when the skies are clear, you have a wonderful view of the night sky often seeing many planets, stars and the Milky Way without the bother of light pollution from major towns. With this view it’s a great place to sit and watch the stars or do some long exposure photography to get those amazing shots.

Once you wake up with the sun rising, there are great walks/hikes from the accommodation including mapped trails you can follow Loerie, Blue Duiker, waterfall and Mouth trail. There are longer more difficult hikes like the otter trail though you need to enquire in advance before attempting as often permits are required, you also will need to check in and out, this is all for safety purposes. This is one of the more iconic hikes being the oldest in South Africa, opened in 1968.

In the area with a short drive away there are loads of amazing activities, ranging from bungee jumping, horse trails, canopy tours, rescue centers and cultural tours. The towns close by are fascinating too and worth exploring for those who enjoy small towns and a bit of shopping.

This area is great for people who have many hobbies or need inspiration for painting, photography and writing. For nature enthusiasts there’s a great selection of birds, trees, frogs and a few mammals like whales and dolphins.

Traveling here repeatedly over the years for business and leisure, it has always been something exciting, coming back positive and refreshed. There’s nothing a bit of fresh ocean air can’t fix.


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