There is nothing better than getting that feeling your going away on a fun adventure, you get all excited and start think where to go, what to do and see, it seems to be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

From experience, it’s great to plan and get everything in place but once you set off on your journey ENJOY it. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change, you’ll ruin your holiday over it, take it as it comes and enjoy it.

Many holiday makers all over the world come to Africa to have the famous breath-taking safari. I always started by asking what they have experienced before, their interests and what they would like to see. It was very often the same things, lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos, I felt sorry for the buffalo always seemed to be forgotten about.

I had many “perfect” game drives, and yes, most people where happy, but the happiest ones were rarely the ones that had a “perfect” game drive, but the ones where it all went wrong.

After heavy rains getting stuck in the mud, or a battery setting on fire, or 4 flat tyres, you have a story. There something about having to stop and take in what’s around you and exploring the finer things no one thought to mention or knew existed, not to mention so much mud a hot shower brings new meaning and cleaner feeling than you ever did before.

One experience I had, there where three cars that got stuck in the mud with a heard of buffalo around them. There was no real danger at this time, everything was very calm and once the buffalo’s had moved on, there was a rescue vehicle to help pull the cars out, it was all everyone spoke about for days.

Most stories are never about the perfect things that where planned to happen, but always the unexpected things that occur along the journey you chose.

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