I offer a small number of private tours, in many different areas seeing the best of Southern Africa. I have been a guide for more than 10 years in Southern Africa working in overland travel, private game reserves and national parks. My hope is to be able to share my love for Africa and take a few people on a great adventure and share some of the highlights it has to offer. Many places I have been to myself and others will be new, but no matter what happens it will always be a memorable one.

The tour for 2019 will be taking place from Cape Town to Johannesburg over a span of a 3 weeks. Each trip will be roughly a week long adventure from one main airport to another, allowing you to either join the trip for 1 week, 2 weeks or if you would like the full 3 weeks. Each package will include accommodation, meals, activities and the bare necessities needed for camping (However if you do not like camping, accommodated can be organised at a new rate found with a budget discussed). Down below is the week long trips with their more finer and more personalized details. If you are interested please feel free to discuss details via the form below, the trip is tailor made and can be slightly adjusted according to your interests, 2 persons only.

Tours Available