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Month: April 2019

Lion (Panthera leo) – King of the jungle, really?

These iconic cats are known by everyone, but where did ‘King of the jungle’ come from? Lions are mainly found in savannah and the open plains of Africa, unlike its other relative the tiger who actually lives in true jungles. Lions have a royal stance about them with an attitude that they rule the world, with males wearing a mane of pride that could be represented as a crown, the jungle part however is said to have originated as a meaning for land that was unexplored rather than a true jungle forest. Therefore, lions were proud top predators that dominated…

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Impala lily (Adenium multiflorum) – Full of drama in every way

In the past the impala lily was as common as the impala, this has changed over time becoming very rare and highly sought after by humans. Animals tend to stay away from impala lilies due to its high toxic nature and those who can eat it will only do in small amounts. Found in Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa in the provinces of Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu Natal, their distribution is shrinking and is only commonly found in protected parks where poaching is illegal. Rhino poaching is very well known across the world and people are putting tons of…

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Mauritius – A tropical stop when in Africa

If you want to travel and visit tropical islands most people think of Hawaii, Jamaica, Tahiti, Seychelles and other similar places. Africa is often seen as a sunny destination but one where nature runs wild and the famous safari takes place, but there is much more than this. Off the East coast of Africa opposite Mozambique and a little further past Madagascar lies a tropical gem called Mauritius. If you are from Southern Africa, it’s a quick flight to Mauritius. A tropical island filled with sand, sun and endless cocktails. From Europe the trip is a little lengthy, if you…

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Gin and Tonic – Not just a drink

Though not my drink of choice by far, today G&T’s are coming back in fashion with Gin bars popping up everywhere with many flavours and twists. 19th century there were many movements travelling from England to India and later Africa, for many reasons including spice trade, slavery and new work prospects. This brought on many new aspects, one being the reason for G&T’s. Moving to the tropics bring on many basic changes, new weather temperatures, diseases and wildlife. One being the mosquito, there are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes, but only one species of mosquito, the genus Anophelese, carries the…

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